"Tanya Firmin Dischler is one of Louisiana's living treasures.  She is driven by a passion for her work that is rare in this world of commodities and her genius is not unlike the genius of other Louisiana and Louisiana inspired artists like Clyde Connell, Elemore Morgan Jr., John T. Scott, John James Audubon and C.C. Lockwood.  In her work you might think you are seeing visual rhymes of the likes of J. M. W. Turner and Vincent Van Gogh and Georgia O'Keefe and Mark Rothko and Helen Frankenthaler, but each one of her paintings is distinctly hers and could have been made by her hand only, by her sense of color, and by her lively aesthetic.  I consider myself very lucky to  have Burning Cane Fields #19 in my collection."

Darrell Bourque

Proofessor Emeritus of English and Interdisciplinary Humanities at ULL and former Louisiana Poet Laureate, 2007-2008, 2009-2011



"Serving in Louisiana's legislature 12 years, I not only became an
ardent advocate for the arts and art education, but began to purchase
my own personal collection of local artists' work.  Tanya's paintings
are standouts -- bold color, texture, and subjects that are familiar,
yet exotic and mysterious at the same time.  It's only recently that I
learned what an extraordinary teacher she is.  Watching and listening
to her workshop participants, it's obvious how deeply she connects
with her audience -- both in substance and in style.  Whatever "it" is
-- she has it!

--Former LA State Representative
 Diane Winston


"A short statement about your paintings sounded ridiculous, as your work intrigued me from the first moment I walked into your studio full of elegant calla lilies and departed with a Plantain banana! The flowers were to come later. They hang above my bed reflected in mirrors so I can see them morning and night.  Why do I love them so?  Unique technique, uncommon and diverse subject matter and exotic Balinese influence plus each painting is linked to stages of my own life.  The development of a sub tropical garden, which was a seven year healing process: a passion for exquisite flowers and the loss of a loved person."

Nan Dawson, Australia


"For fifteen years I have watched Tanya F. Dischler grow as an artist and as a person.  Her confidence and energy are infectious and her creativity is limitless.  She is a committed artist who works tirelessly to achieve the goals she sets for herself.  What I admire most is her ease and generosity in interacting with people.  Whether you're a long time friend, a workshop participant or a new acquaintance, Tanya is warm, caring, and instantly puts a smile on your face with her charm and wonderful sense of humor.  Her spirit is reflected in her work and I can't help but feel it when viewing her paintings."

Jacoba Remick Goldman


"I had the great pleasure of attending a workshop with Tanya in January , 2010, sponsored by the St . Charles Art Guild in Luling, La.  What a pleasurable experience!  Being a rather novice artist myself, I was immediately at ease and eager to learn her techniques, of which there are many.  Tanya is passionate about her work and is very willing to share her knowledge with wit and humor , making everyone feel comfortable and excited to experience the creative process using her techniques.  I was sorry to see the workshop end, but I was filled with enthusiasm and desire to "go make art".  I will definitely be attending other workshops with my new best artist friend!  Thanks, Tanya!"

Etta Petit 


"I've watched Tanya grow and evolve as an artist and a person for twenty years.  She is constantly challenging herself to explore new territory with her art and the results are testimony to that exploration.  She is an artist who is acutely aware of the materials she uses, their capabilities, while always exploring new and different uses.  I believe her newest work is her best yet, combining her earlier expert craftmanship with a soft, abstract approach to composition."

B.K. Baldwin


"Tanya Dischler is a local treasure with national and international appeal. Specializing in unique original watermedia paintings, Tanya is a fabulous artist who has participated and won local, national, and international exhibits. Her technique and imagery is totally unique and her love of nature is expressed vividly in her paintings. Her favorite subjects include animals, birds, fish, frogs, and the flora and fauna of South Louisiana but she also turns her hand at any other subject matter that imposes itself on her imagination. Tanya's work is displayed in numerous private and corporate collections in the United States, France, England, and Australia. Recognized as one of the regions superlative artists, her work is also exhibited in the Governor's Mansion in Louisiana. It is a privilege to own and display Tanya's work. Anyone who appreciates and collects original art, particularly those living in South Louisiana, should consider owning at least one of her creations."

Kirsty Nunez, Q2 Insights, Inc.